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Quality Automation

AI-based quality audit and process control made easy across use cases

Relimetrics Enables Anyone
To Digitize Quality Across Use Cases

At Relimetrics, we are changing the paradigm of inflexible, hard to use & reconfigure quality automation (QA) systems with smart, connected & autonomous QA. We enable our users with an industrial grade framework they can use without any coding or deep learning expertise to perform AI based machine vision and quickly deploy trained models in line for real time inspection on the shop floor and scale across inspection sites.

Designed for high precision manufacturing environments, Relimetrics can be quickly integrated with any camera hardware and robotic system and provide 99.9%+ accuracy of anomaly detection.

Real-Time Image and Video Analytics
Hardware and Image-Mode Agnostic
Machine Learning for Diversified Production
Cloud and Edge Optimized
Flexible and Scalable with Open API
Real-time Process Control Feedback

Changing The Paradigm
In QA Automation

Relimetrics enables anyone to digitize quality assurance and visual inspections
without writing a single line of code.

Real-Time Image and Video Analytics
Hardware and Image-Mode Agnostic
Machine Learning for Diversified Production
Cloud and Edge Optimized
Flexible and Scalable with Open API
Real-time Process Control Feedback

Industries We Serve

The global electronics industry is driving innovation through the development of smart appliances and adopting robotics automation and IoT technologies. These innovations are expected to expand the global electronics manufacturing market. Much of these initiatives are focused on detection and elimination of quality defects and elimination of costs — a major focus in the industry. Furthermore, large manufacturers are increasingly exposed to the complexities of a diverse portfolio and the difficulty of services and warranty management. Integrating aspects of the value chain with new technology is essential. Relimetrics tackles these challenges by providing a technology that automatically detects and lowers defects and creates full traceability of quality in the supply chain via the use of blockchain technology.

The aerospace industry is experiencing rapid technological changes, but is subject to complex safety regulations — increasing the need for cost efficiencies and the ability to assure equipment and system quality. This includes new technologies such as AI, 3D printing, IoT, and blockchain. Quality and safety inspections play a key role in the aerospace industry. Despite the large spendings on digital transformation, the aerospace industry is still heavily reliant on using visual inspections performed by humans. This is a labor-intensive process prone to errors due to the fatigue of human operators and the lack of ability of the human eye to identify certain defects. To overcome the drawbacks of human visual inspection, Relimetrics provides the aerospace industry with a highly accurate (>99.9%) solution to digitize visual inspections. Increasing accuracy of inspections can have dramatic impacts in assuring the safety of mission critical structures, saving companies millions of dollars.

The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented shifts in innovation with autonomous and electric vehicles and ambitious goals to reduce carbon emissions, transform customer experience and enhance mobility. To fuel this innovation, the entire auto supply chain is transforming through smart manufacturing and data-driven decision making, investing in Industry 4.0 solutions in computer vision, machine learning, robotics, and IoT, drastically modernizing existing facilities and creating unprecedented efficiencies. Relimetrics is helping customers along the automotive supply chain to automate quality inspections, optimize their manufacturing processes and create self-healing systems, and use data to increase quality and reduce costs. Relimetrics integrates with any existing QA solution in order to optimize the process and fully digitize the QA cycle.

The construction industry is being shaped by key innovation trends such as prefabrication and modular construction which are intended to foster growth and efficiency across the sector. Machine learning technology is especially being used to increase safety, quality and track progress in the industry.
The construction and logistics businesses are still characterized by re-use and renting materials to third parties. This results in heavy costs as these units often have to be tightly monitored and counted due to quality control regulations. Relimetrics provides an easy solution for these companies to count these objects as well as check them for damages. We can integrate with any existing hardware and provide full traceability of defects, thereby making sure that inventory is always in prime condition and ready to be used.

Digitization Simplified

Train deep learning models without coding or AI expertise, using a simple point and click interface.
Deploy trained models on the shop floor
for real time inspection.
Close the loop in production by correlating machine and process data with digitized quality data.
Trained models and configurations are connected and can be shared across plants.


"Relimetrics solution is embedded within our assembly line and enables immediate feedback to the operators and line managers to address any occurring issues right away.The fact that Reli-QA has no fatigue-induced errors and handles bespoke tolerances drove a 2% point increase in the initial pass rate. This is significant as it moved the performance from 2.1σ to 4.2σ."

Volker Heinle

Senior Director Supply Chain at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

“Relimetrics is working with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to develop AI-based machine vision enabled robotics for automating aircraft manufacturing and assembly processes. This innovation in automatic work-object identification allows the system to manage greater degrees of complexity than what is capable with traditional machine vision. Like Lockheed Martin’s other investments in advanced production technologies, the goal is speeding production and improving aircraft quality.”

Hunter Markussen

Application Engineer - Manufacturing Technology at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

Lattonedil decided to partner with Relimetrics to develop a comprehensive solution that digitizes the inspection of polymer panels, providing a full overview of quality.

Volker Heinle

Senior Director Supply Chain at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Optimizing Manufacturing Process and Quality I Relimetrics @ Lattonedil

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