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Smart Quality Audit for Industry 4.0

Relimetrics is a full-stack computer vision and machine learning software used for quality audit, process control and predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0 applications.

We digitize visual inspections and use this together with machine and process data to optimize process and quality in manufacturing and assembly.

Our technology is enabling our customers to:

  • Automate and digitize visual inspections
  • Create full traceability of defects in all stages of production
  • Optimize quality audit process
  • Predict process drift issues early
  • Enable feedback-loop into MES systems


Hardware Agnostic

Flexible and Scalable

IoT Connected

Open API

Easy to Interpret

Industries We Serve


  • Quality audit automation, components and assembly.
  • Process control optimization


  • Components/assembly inspection
  • Create full traceability of defects


  • Safety check for components and assembly
  • Real-time structural monitoring

Rental Businesses

  • Object recognition and counting
  • Damage detection and evaluation

Our Work

With our existing customers, we have showcased that productivity improvements are 50-80%.

Cut Costs
Improve Productivity
Increase Quality


Kemal Levi
Founder & CEO

NDT Expert – PhD (Stanford)

Juergen Keller
CTO, MD of Berlin Office

NDT Expert – PhD (TUK)

Jon Grice
Product Lead

Control Theory and Machine Learning Expert – PhD (UCSD)

Ender Taşdelen
Software Engineer

Computer Vision and Robotics Expert – MS (TU Berlin)

Arved Kaltwesser
Systems Engineer

Hardware Integration and Systems Design – MS (HTW Berlin)

Grzegorz Maczkowski
Software Engineer

Computer Vision and Machine Learning Expert – PhD (WIT)

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