Smart Imaging Solutions

To Assess Material Reliability


Patent Pending
Detect And Monitor
Subtle Changes in Digital Images

Get to know your materials better

Mobile, intuitive, low-cost method to inspect and monitor material shape, deformation and reliability and determine if additional testing is required across different phases of the engineering lifecycle.

Patent-pending image recognition, alignment and correlation technology that is able to work with natural pattern of materials near-time.

Extensive use cases across industries including consumer care and medical device industries to detect subtle changes in skin after product application, helping companies to quantify product efficacy and support marketing claims.


Performance Monitoring

Field Analysis

Manufacturing QA

Post-Event Analysis

R&D Design

Prototype Validation

Industries We Serve


Materials reliability 3rd party supplier analysis


Mechanical design optimization.
Materials and parts testing.
Post-event analysis

Civil / Construction

Structural monitoring
Predicting failure
Machine inspection

QA Testing
Medical Surgical

Cancer detection
Wound healing monitoring
Surgical cut optimization

Life Sciences

Product efficacy testing
Reduce clinical trials time
Validated marketing claims

Technical Consulting

We perform a full suite of professional technical consulting services across engineering and consumer care industries.

Reliability Analysis
Product Design
Predictive Modeling
Software Development


Kemal Levi
Founder and CEO

PhD, polymer science and fracture mechanics expert. 10+ years of experience in developing new methods to measure material reliability.

Juergen Keller
Head of Product

PhD, non-destructive testing expert. 20+ years of industry experience in the use of imaging based methods to inspect material reliability.

Pelin Kefel
Software Engineer

PhD, computer vision and image processing expert

Jon Grice
Software Engineer

PhD, computer vision and image processing expert

Arved Kaltwesser
Hardware Engineer

MS, Microsytems Engineering

Elisabeth Maschke
Software Engineer
MS, Computer Vision and Mathematics

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