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Use Cases

RELIVision is hardware and image-modality agnostic and applicable across different use cases enabling quality automation and smart manufacturing without writing a single line of code.

Smart & Autonomous QA for Aerospace Assembly

Manufacturing in aerospace and defense industries has to be carried out with very high precision due to extremely stringent requirements by end users. Efficiency of manufacturing processes, reliability and durability of parts and components produced to function in complex systems such as aircraft have become ever more important as manufacturers have tried to rein in mounting costs and address critical safety issues.

Lockheed Martin is working together with Relimetrics to develop a cutting edge assembly technology aimed at enhancing the already automated production processes. Relimetrics’ AI based solution is helping Lockheed Martin to increase their manufacturing efficiency with an autonomous QA and assembly system, making quality inspections easier, smarter, and highly accurate.

Electronic Server Assembly

Automotive Seat Inspection

The growing demand for automobiles has driven the steady growth of the automotive seat industry whose market size reached over $75B globally in 2017. With increasing demand for customization, meeting OEM standards for aesthetic quality requires a thorough highly accurate quality inspection before seats are shipped to be installed in vehicles. Today, this quality inspection is performed manually by human inspectors. This makes the quality assurance process highly inefficient and prone to error, as human fatigue and negligence can cause defective units to be overlooked. Wrinkles and other defects that are undetected or detected late lead to higher production costs due to increased reworking and the need to recall defective units.

Relimetrics provides a full end-to-end system to automate the quality assurance process for automotive seat assembly, fully digitizing quality inspection of the seats. Relimetrics also provides Tier I suppliers with a quality record, helping them to manage contractual obligations with OEMs.

Welding Quality

The number of welding robots used in manufacturing has been growing now for decades, and robotic welding today commands 20% of industrial robot applications. This allows companies to increase accuracy, repeatability and throughput. One step that has been difficult to automate is the correct placement of parts before the welding procedure. It is a critical step that is prone to error; proximity sensors can detect the correct placement of a part. However, factory conditions frequently cause damage to these sensors, requiring replacement and maintenance, rework, and downtime. Relimetrics replaces proximity sensors, making the process much more efficient and reliable. It optimises the welding process, reducing cost and increasing accuracy, repeatability and throughput.

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