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About Us

Our Mission

We seek to democratize quality assurance automation in manufacturing and assembly by self-implementable machine vision software that can be quickly integrated with any image acquisition hardware.

Thus, manufacturers can leverage existing hardware investments, increasing their return on investment by making their cameras smart and smart cameras smarter with guaranteed detection accuracy.

Real-Time Image and Video Analytics
Hardware and Image-Mode Agnostic
Machine Learning for Diversified Production
Cloud and Edge Optimized
Flexible and Scalable with Open API
Real-time Process Control Feedback

Reli Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of engineers, entrepreneurs, and developers.

Kemal Levi, PhD
Jon Grice, PhD
Ender Tasdelen
Head of Product
Tim Coleman
VP of Sales North America
Mark Micnik
VP of Sales Europe
Kazuyuki Murakami
Head of Sales - Asia/Japan
Thomas Jahn
Director of Sales
Onur Sismangil
Chief of Staff
Margherita Magri
Business Development Manager
Kerem Aktug
Chief Product Architect
Raul Mrossko
Director of System Integration
Serhan Can
Director of AI
Slawomir Sobczynski
Product Engineering
Ismail Habib
Product Engineering
Arved Kaltwasser
Customer Services & Operations
Zeynep Varoglu
Ali Gokcelioglu
Product Engineering
Erhan Sendag
Product Engineering
Umut Can Gülmez
Product Engineering
Akif Caglar
Product Engineering
Kadircan Becek
Product Engineering
Dilara Bora
UI/UX Designer
Nagihan Aydınlık
UI/UX Designer
Kubilay Karakayalı
AI Engineer
Cansu Korkmaz
AI Engineer
Chiraz Ajmi, PhD
AI Engineer
Eren Balatkan
AI Engineer
Furkan Ayık
AI Engineer
Olcay Cabbas
Project Management
Jürgen Keller, PhD
Chief Technologist / PreSales
Joseph Szklar
Marketing & Inside Sales
Kemal Levi, PhD


With offices in California and Berlin, we serve clients in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.


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